I think every human has done this one thing. At some point in their lives they’ve wished for this particular thing to take place. I don’t care who you are or where you live, we’ve all wished time away.

1. I wish 5 o’clock would hurry up and come.

2. It’s Monday, I wish it was Friday already.

3. I have 5 minutes before the bank opens. I wish these 5 minutes go by fast so I can cash this check.

4. Girl, I can’t wait to go on vacation next month, I wish the day was already here.

5. I can’t wait till I’m a grown up. I wish I was 18 now.

There’s so many more ways these examples can be worded but I think you get my drift.

When we say these comments out of our mouths we are actually wishing time away, wishing our lives away. Our lives are already short especially when compared to biblical times. Some of the people in the bible lived to be over 800 years old. Most of us should reach 80-90 years of age and that’s if we’re lucky. There are some exceptions to the rule, I recently saw an elderly woman who was 105 years old walking with no cane or walker. Now she was a little slow and light on her feet but she did pretty well ambulating herself.

Let’s all take a moment to think about how many times we’ve wished our own lives away. Without even putting much thought into what we were really saying. I can’t help but wonder if I, while on my death bed, will regret all the time I’ve wished away. With this statement now typed and thought about I vow to take a pledge.

I, M.C. Addington, here by pledge to never again wish my life away by wishing time away. Even in the bad times because life will always have good times and bad times.

To fully and truly enjoy life we have to toughen out the bad times by living in the moment and remembering there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We won’t be able to appreciate the good without having experienced the bad.

Will you take the pledge? Leave your comments and/or questions below.

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12 responses to “Time

  1. glenda

    If that is not the truth I do not know what is. I love how you can be so created with the things you think about 😊 I loved it and will try my best to take that pledge.


  2. Al

    You make a great point, never really look at it that way. Most of the time when I say things like,” dag this day isn’t over yet” is only because im tired and feel like I cant go to sleep until ive completed what I set out to do. Hmmm, need to start to be mindful of wishing time off my life… thanx al


    • There’s so much we as people take for granted. It’s up to me, lmbo, to change the world by making people think. . Imagine that. . Smh.. Well I can at least try by starting with you guys 🙂


  3. shay

    Never thought of it like that. When kids say they wish they were grown we say that they are wishing their childhood away but we don’t make the connection once we ate adults.


  4. kirstie

    You have enlightened me… No of us look towards the end of our journies here on earth but we all do want to get through the rough times as quickly as possible. I will remind myself next time I want my day at work to fast forward to the end of my shift! And if we don’t experience the bad times we really can’t thoroughly appreciate the good ones**


  5. Angie

    Wow this really makes a person think of how many times we really do wish away our time in life. This blog has opened my eyes to just sit back & enjoy life take each day one @ a time whether it’s a good day or bad.


  6. Melissa

    This is such an important blog as it reminds us to cherish the moment! You are so right in all that you said, we so often rush time, but then would do anything to have it back. When my grandmother passed away this January, all I could do was long for just one more moment with her. One more time to tell her how much I love her and how much she has always meant to me. I have taken this notion of unexpected loss with me and I never take any moment for granted.


    • I am deeply sorry for the loss of your grandmother. We as busy people tend to forget how important time is in general. When it comes to the loss of a family member, that loss of time really becomes a strong ache and want. Cherish the memories. Anytime you start to feel sad or think about lost time, think of the great times you shared. Today maybe especially hard being it’s Mother’s Day,do something for me will ya. Better yet do it for yourself. It’s going to be a beautiful day, while your outside going about your life. I want you to stop when you feel a breeze. Put your arms up to your side, tilt your head to the sun, close your eyes, and feel the breeze move around you. Your grandmother loves you dearly, feel the love that has never left you, feel her presence on this beloved day!! My condolences.


  7. Veronica

    Yes I will take the pledge to live in the moment and never wish time away again. I will make use of every second in time until I reach the light that is there.
    I am grateful for all the help that others have given so freely to me and I pledge to give all my time to helping others find the light too.


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