Hum, where to start. Well I’ve been on God’s green earth for 35 years, soon to be 36. I’d like to say I was born with a pen and paper in my hand. My head was full of dark hair, which at birth was formed in the shape of a light bulb. Yup that’s me, born with an idea to write about.

        I loved writing all my life. Now reading I didn’t share the same affection for. That is until one day while in elementary class, maybe the forth grade, my teacher presented a book to the class. “Where the sidewalk ends” by, Shel Silverstein. My teacher stood in front of the class and read a few pages out loud leaving me completely mesmerized. At the end of class, just before speech therapy, I remember walking over to the bookshelf where my teacher returned the book. I placed it into my hands as if it where a map that marked the spot. Opening it and reading it for myself lead me to a whole new world. I gained a new understanding of reading. It no longer was just a love for me to put words together on paper. A new love affair had began, these words flowed unitedly creating a picture in my mind. I was taken from the very classroom in which I stood to the inside pages of a children’s poetry book. I’ve never been quite the same again.

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