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Silent Mind

Thoughts of an author…

I am reaching out to you from Savannah, Georgia. I sit in my office, my desk pressed against two windows. The biggest of the two directly in front of me showing the trunk of a huge beautiful tree, Spanish moss hanging off the limbs. The fence going around my property is bare but I see what is yet to come. A beautiful garden filled with green leafy plants of all kinds, beautiful buds of pink, white, violet, yellows, and reds everywhere. My wooden bird feeder stands tall in the middle of a sea of colors. Off to the right is a red bird bath in the shape of a fully bloomed Poppy flower attracting small birds of all kinds. Their colored wings flutter in the water as they create a rhythmic dance with one another. Through the window, to my left, sits two large tree trunks that also lead up to Spanish moss hanging from those leafy limbs. The trees are positioned in such a way that I can hang a hammock between them. Two cast iron light holders with curved tips will hold solar lights one on each side of the hammock, creating an ambiance for reading as the sun sets or as it rises. I drift back to reality, seeing the bare empty spot along the fence in front of me with only the three large trees and the three bushes that line my property. I focus on how the wind softly touches the leaves, the Spanish moss, the branches of the bushes; they dance to a silent melody that no human can hear.

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